We can help!  We are able to fix your damaged photo for you. We don't use 'automated' software - this can often remove or blur over important parts of the picture. Instead, we take our time to make sure that the damage is repaired. As perfectly as possible.

Early generation colour photos were notoriously unstable, and you will probably find they have now lost their once vibrant colour. They are fading away - but we can help here as well. We can restore your fading photos to their original condition. Once again, we don't use automated ICE technology - it's like painting a room with a spray gun - we will colour individual parts of the photo as we go.

After all, there is still nothing better than a trained eye - and we have been dealing with colour and images for over twenty years.

We use fully licenced copies of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. They are the best in the business, and we think they deserve to be paid for.

© Graham McKain©Graham McKain : Photo taken on iPhone and printed by us to 50" (1.27m) wide

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