1950s Thailand Rugby Shirt

1950’s Thailand Rugby Shirt

A client came to us with a very special and very old Thailand Rugby Shirt for reframing. It belonged to their relative who played for the national team in 1950. As you can see, the shirt was worn out and faded, but it had a lot of history and charm. We wanted to give it a new life and a fitting display.

We chose a black frame and black mounts to contrast with what was once a white shirt and make it stand out. We also added a red accent mount to match the elephant logo on the chest, which is a symbol of the Buddhist religion that is commonly practiced in Thailand. We think the result is stunning and elegant, and the client was thrilled with the transformation. They now have a beautifully framed piece of family and sports history that they can cherish and proudly display for many more years to come.

This project was completed to Fine Art Trade Guild Level 2 standard, and featured techniques from the following GCF Advanced modules:

  • Textile Framing
  • Conservation Framing
  • Mount Design and Function



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