A composition of AC/DC and Thin Lizzy Apollo Tickets

AC/DC & Thin Lizzy Apollo Tickets

The Glasgow Apollo theatre may have closed its doors in 1985, but its legacy lives on through the memories and memorabilia of its concerts. Recently, a client brought in a collection of AC/DC and Thin Lizzy tickets from the venue, and was seeking ideas for framing. The result was a beautiful multi-aperture design that showcased the tickets at various angles, thanks to the help of a computerised mount cutter.

One of the key design elements that made this framing project stand out was the use of a black mount and charcoal-effect frame. With the varied colours of the tickets, the dark backdrop really made them pop and stand out. Additionally, the client opted for specialist anti-reflective glass, which ensured that the tickets could be viewed in the best possible light with minimal reflections.

This project was completed to Fine Art Trade Guild Framing Level 2, and featured techniques from the following GCF Advanced modules:

  • Conservation Framing
  • Mount Design and Function


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