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Alphamat® Artcare Mountboard – more than just cardboard

MicroChamber® mount technology actively protects your art, and our reputation.
The Artcare Archival System ensures that your artwork will receive the most advanced and effective protection available today.

Only the Artcare Archival System offers patented MicroChamber technology which actively protects art by slowing paper degradation, neutralizing acid by-products and guarding against damaging pollutants.

With the Artcare Archival System you can count on all-around protection for your framed art – from the front to the back, and from side to side.

Artcare’s entire range is made from only the very best quality virgin alpha-cellulose pulp, which gives you a guarantee of an acid content well below the levels required for conservation quality board.

It’s our reputation. We don’t risk it.

Whenever possible, we protect your artwork with Alphamat Artcare, Archival MicroChamber® mountboard.