Guild Certified Framer

GCF Advanced Qualifications

As well as the basic GCF qualification (see below), there are three advanced modules which cover Conservation Framing, Textile Framing and Mount Design & Function. Each of these disciplines is subject to a three and a half hour in depth examination.

We are one of very few framing workshops who have achieved Advanced Qualifications in all three disciplines and are the only one in Scotland and the North of England to have done so.

At Ian Kenny Framing, the only people who will frame your work are:
Ian Kenny GCF(APF) Adv.
Andrew McLaren GCF(APF) Adv.
Steven Hanton GCF(APF)

Ian has been the Fine Art Trade Guild’s examiner in Scotland since 1999.

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What is a Guild Certified Framer?

Since 1994, the Commended Framer scheme served as a benchmark within the industry for recognising Professional Framers. However in 2015, the Fine Art Trade Guild introduced an updated scheme which brought the qualification into line with most other professions. A Guild Certified Framer must commit to CPD (Continual Professional Development), and recertification takes place every four years.

It’s important to know that the Guild Commended Framer scheme is no longer current, nor is it promoted or supported by the Guild. It has been replaced internationally by the Guild Certified Framer qualification.

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What is the Fine Art Trade Guild?

The Fine Art Trade Guild was formed in 1910 as the successor to the 1847 Printsellers’ Association, set up to oversee the fine art print trade. The Guild continues to set standards for prints. In addition, it sets standards and guidelines for picture framing.

We are proud to be a member of the Fine Art Trade Guild, and have been since 1990. The Fine Art Trade Guild sets and maintains industry standards for the benefit of Members and their customers. As a member, we adhere voluntarily to the Guild’s Code of Ethics.