Sports Shirt Framing

GCF Textile Framing

We think that framing football shirts and other sportswear properly is a major responsibility

Football shirts, rugby tops and other sportswear

Framing sportwear of any description can be a minefield, especially if it’s an autographed item. No-one knows what the eventual worth of a signed item might be. As an example, a shirt which our client spent a lot of money on was signed by Motherwell’s Phil O’Donnell shortly before his tragic and untimely death. The client wanted to make sure the shirt was preserved in pristine condition, and insisted that we use the best material and work practice available.

One of our specialist services is framing sportswear, be it shirts, caps, leotards or racing gear.

Ian has been working with textile items since the mid 1970’s when he achieved his City & Guilds qualification in Craft Tailoring and Fabric Design & Construction. He also holds the GCF Advanced: Textile Framing Accreditation from the Fine Art Trade Guild. This is recognised by the GCF logo with the purple ribbon that you see above. He is the only framer in Scotland and North England to have achieved this level of qualification.

It’s therefore safe to say that we have a long standing practical knowledge of how to work with textile based items, and what should and shouldn’t be done with them.

The way we handle and frame any item of sportswear should never do harm to it. There is a right and a wrong way to support textile items, and it’s important to note that we never use glue or staples. We will stitch, pin or lace, and use methods and materials which can be removed without harming the original piece.

We’re always happy to talk about the methods and materials we use when framing your sportwear item, so if you have any questions, please ask. We understand that you may have spent lots of money on your item, or it’s something very personal and important to you.

You need to know that it is being left in capable hands.