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Frequently Asked Questions

That’s kind of a ‘picture frameHow long is a bit of string?’ question!  We have options starting from £150, and to date, the most expensive shirt we have framed had around £750 spent on it. So if you’ll pardon the pun, it’s a huge ‘ball park’!

There are many variables. No two shirts are the same. The final cost will depend a lot on the following :

  • What size will it be when folded?
  • Is it signed?
  • Is it signed all over? (That will make it bigger.)
  • What frame do you want? We have literally hundreds to choose from, each with a different cost.
  • How would you like it mounted? Single, double, triple, deep highlighted bevel, extra window cut for inscription?
  • What kind of glazing do you need? Standard glass – or is the shirt valuable enough to warrant uv blocking glass?

As you can probably tell, it’s pretty much impossible to answer these questions without proper consultation. What we would say though, is that if you are asking, it’s probably because the shirt means something to you. In that case, it’s worth framing properly, so drop in and we can have a discussion about what you want. We’ll be more than happy to spend time with you, find something you are happy with, and something you are happy paying for.

We’re holding a charity/fundraiser auction, can you frame a shirt for us?

The answer is yes. However in our experience, it’s really difficult to recoup the cost of proper professional framing at most charity auctions. The focus of attention is (quite rightly) on the shirt. It’s normally not a bad idea to auction off the shirt as it is, and allow the lucky winning bidder to arrange the framing in a style to suit themselves.

However, if you’re fairly confident in your prospective audience, and want to auction a fully framed shirt, please feel free to bring it in, and we can discuss your options.