Prayer Mat

Muslim Prayer Mat

We asked Colin to collect some souvenirs when he was on his travels in Singapore. One of the pieces he brought back was this Muslim prayer mat (known as a sajjadat aṣ-ṣalat in Arabic, namazlik in Turkish, and janamaz in Urdu and Persian) with a temple design.

We thought the strong blues offered a good opportunity to use our new range of metallic mounts. The mat was attached to a black suedette back mount; then we used blue and gold metallics to act as highlights beneath a black suedette overmount. Specialist anti-reflective glass and a sympathetic frame completed the design.

This project was completed to Fine Art Trade Guild Framing Level 2, and featured techniques from the following GCF Advanced modules:

  • Conservation Framing
  • Textile Framing
  • Mount Design and Function


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