Framing Information

True professional picture framers are hard to find

Real, professional picture framers are hard to find – framers like us, with an expert understanding of appropriate presentation, conservation practice and the need for real works of art to stand out for themselves in a well considered and finely constructed setting.

At Ian Kenny Framing, contemporary or classic artworks, textiles or 3D artefacts of any size can be framed by professional, certified framers in a wide selection of styles, with meticulous care and attention to detail.

War Medals backed onto tartan fabric being checked over

There are many choices and variations in personal taste. We are here to offer advice and not to make rules or decide for you, unless you really want us to! We are proud to support our local High Street, and with our picture framing workshop at 11 London Street, Larkhall, and our framing showroom at 172 Quarry Street, Hamilton, we are very easy to find.

We think that if your artwork is important enough to think about framing it, it’s also important enough to show you the best that we can do with it.

Io Shirai Autographed Rob Schamberger Print

We frame lots of ‘high value’ artwork, memorabilia and prints, as well as items that are ‘not worth anything much’.

Interestingly, most of these items tend to have a story behind them. A story of family, a special occasion, an unforgettable holiday. In short, they are irreplaceable memories.

We use only the best material, and the best accepted industry practice when framing. We want to make sure that your precious memories or valuable artwork are not damaged by using inferior products, or bad framing practice.

We take care to ensure that everything we use in our workshop meets – and in most cases exceeds – the standards laid down by our Trade Association, the Fine Art Trade Guild.

We’re proud to say that we’re the only framing workshop in Scotland and the North of England to hold all three of the Guild’s ‘Advanced’ framing qualifications:

Advanced Certified Framer Ribbon Logos

You only do it once, so do it right.