Signed World Cup of Tennis Shirt, including Billie-Jean King

Signed World Cup of Tennis Shirt

Our client brought in a signed World Cup of Tennis shirt and photos with the Scotland women’s team and Billie-Jean King, a renowned Wimbledon legend. She wanted to frame them as a gift for her tennis player son. After discussing various options, we decided to float the shirt onto white speckled mount board to create a subtle contrast.

To further enhance the presentation, we used a white top mount with a v-groove, intersecting the photos, and a blue accent for the three apertures. This combination complemented both the shirt and the lettering on it, creating a visually appealing design.

For added protection and longevity, we recommended using specialist anti-reflective and UV-filtering glass. This type of glass not only enhances the clarity of the framed items but also safeguards them from potential damage caused by sunlight or other external factors. The client agreed to this suggestion, understanding the importance of preserving the shirt and photos.

Once the framing was complete, the client was delighted with the finished product. She expressed her excitement to hang it on her son’s bedroom wall, knowing that it would be a cherished gift for him. Overall, this project allowed us to create a beautiful and meaningful display, showcasing both the client’s sentimental items and her son’s passion for tennis.

This project was completed to Fine Art Trade Guild Level 2 standard, and featured techniques from the following GCF Advanced modules:

  •  Textile Framing
  •  Conservation Framing
  •  Mount Design and Function



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