Workshop Videos

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    World Curling Champions Team Smith – shirt framing

Featuring World Champion curlers Team Smith, and our award winning framing, there’s so much to see in this short video that you’ll probably need to watch it a couple of times! The team members come from Hamilton and Perthshire, and were the Team GB men’s curling team at the Winter Olympic games in February 2018. Many thanks to Colin Wood Media for the video.

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    Framing a shaped Iron Maiden picture disc and signed photo

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan, you’ll love this video. If not, it’s worth watching just to see how we design and cut a mount to suit a collection of photos, and a shaped 7″ vinyl record.

Many thanks to Colin Wood Media, Big C for the voiceover and Peter Ellis & Monument for the music track.

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    Autographed artwork : Our duty of care

Autographed artwork in any form – be it paper or fabric – needs to be treated with care. Incorrect framing methods can wipe away any value in a stroke. We treat any such artwork with the greatest of care, since we have no idea what the future holds for your particular piece. Proper handling and support are crucial for preservation.

We are Guild Certified Framers, and as such are committed, through Continuous Professional Development, to keep up to date with scientific advances in art care and preservation. If we don’t, we lose our certification. It’s as simple as that!

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    How we cut mounts that you’ll love

We may have been around for years, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep up to date with the science of framing, and the technology to make it better. There’s always something new to learn!

Here’s a short video showing how we use our computerised mountcutter to cut designs which would be pretty much impossible to do by hand.

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    Stretching & framing a 2012 Team GB shirt signed by Sir Chris Hoy

A short video showing how we deal with stretching any kind of signed sports shirt. It just so happens that this one was signed by one of the country’s most charismatic sportsmen!

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    Printing and stretching a premium grade photo-canvas

Even with modern digital printing facilities, there’s still the need for traditional craftsmanship to produce a quality finished item, as you’ll see in this short video.

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    Custom making a picture frame in our framing workshop

Every one of our handmade frames involves many hours of work over the course of up to 14 days. We work with a range of specially adapted Farrow & Ball paint – one of the most heavily pigmented paints available. The paint is applied in multiple thin layers, each of which needs time to dry out. Our years of experience mean we can also perfectly mix and blend colour, using either our Farrow & Ball paint or Daler acrylic, to create an item of wall furniture which is every bit as unique and individual as you are.