Mountcutting & Decoration

GCF Advanced: Mount Design & Function

We hold the GCF Advanced: Mount Design & Function Accreditation

Mount cutting and decoration is an important part of the final presentation

In the picture framing process, mounts and backing play an important role. Visually, mounts can enhance the artwork on display, drawing attention to it or providing a subtle background. They also serve to protect and preserve the artwork. Mountboards are available in a variety of qualities, colours, and thicknesses. Thick mountboards can provide a modern feel, while wash-lined mounts can be hand-painted with watercolours to match individual artworks. Fabric mounts can add texture and depth, creating a more three-dimensional effect.

The design of a mount can greatly affect the overall look of an image. Different border sizes, colours, and textures can be combined to create unique expressions of individual taste. The right mount can also transform an old picture to suit new decor or give a timeless, classic feel.

If framing to conservation level (Level 2), it’s important to use high-quality mounts that meet certain standards. The mount should back the artwork as well as face it, and any adhesive tapes used must also meet a minimum standard and be applied correctly. Older items framed more than ten years ago, or those bought ready framed, may have acidic mounting materials that can damage the artwork over time.

Overall, selecting the right mount is an important part of the framing process, ensuring that the artwork looks its best while also being protected for years to come. We’re the only holder of the GCF Advanced: Mount Design & Function Accreditation in Scotland and North England, so are well placed to offer you the correct advice.