Our work standards and The Four Levels of Framing

The Fine Art Trade Guild specifies four acceptable levels of framing, which use different qualities of materials and framing techniques. These levels are numbered 1 to 4 with 1 being the highest standard and 4 being the minimum standard. The level used will affect the cost, and more importantly, the level of protection and conservation for the artwork, so we’ll help you decide which is the correct one for your piece.

work standards
framing curling
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    Level 1 (Ultimate level)

    This is the highest quality framing available, using premium archival grade materials for lifetime protection. Any ‘high value’ or irreplaceable artwork or artefact should be framed at this level. Ask us for our advice.

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    Level 2 (High level)

    Our preferred minimum level of workmanship. All techniques are reversible and use conservation (archival) grade materials to protect the artwork. This level is suitable for medium to high commercial or sentimental value items, and provides protection for many years.

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     Level 3 (Mid level)

    The Guild’s third highest framing level serves two purposes, visual enhancement and moderate protection for low to mid value artwork.

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    Level 4 (Low level)

    Low level of protection using basic materials and methods.