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Our work standards and the five levels of framing

The Fine Art Trade Guild specifies five acceptable levels of framing, which use different qualities of materials and framing techniques. These levels range from Museum down to Minimum. The level used will affect the cost, and more importantly, the level of protection and conservation for the artwork, so we’ll help you decide which is the correct one for your piece.

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    Museum Grade Framing

    Not just for Museums, this is the highest quality framing available, using premium archival grade materials for lifetime protection. Any ‘high value’ or irreplaceable artwork or artefact should be framed at this level. Ask us for our advice.

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    Conservation Level

    Our preferred minimum level of workmanship. All techniques are reversible and use conservation (archival) grade materials to protect the artwork. This level is suitable for medium to high commercial or sentimental value items, and provides protection for many years.

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    Commended Level

    The Guild’s third highest framing level serves two purposes, visual enhancement and fair protection for low to mid value artwork.

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    Budget Level

    Suitable for easily replaced items with no commercial or sentimental value. It provides a visually acceptable frame, but with no guarantee of lasting protection for the artwork.

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    Minimum Level

    As the name suggests, this provides a basic frame at minimum cost. Only suitable for low value items and temporary display. Note that many premade frames from larger retailers fall below even this standard. We don’t offer this level of framing.