Mr Doodle

Mr Doodle Numbered Print

A client brought in this super colourful Mr. Doodle print for us to frame. They specifically requested that we present it floating within the frame. With lighter weight paper, we’re never keen on this practice due to the extra contact points needed to secure the artwork in place. There’s also the additional risk of improper storage conditions causing the paper to ripple.

From a framers perspective, overmounting art on paper is usually preferable as it gives that extra bit of support to the paper with minimal use of tape. In any case, all tapes and materials used to fix the print were top quality, and fully reversible with water, so there was absolutely no harm done in presenting the artwork to the client’s spec.

The final project looked great, and the client was delighted with the result.

This project featured techniques from the following GCF Advanced modules:

  • Conservation Framing
  • Mount Design And Function


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